Saturday Special Lunch #shorts

Enjoy a Relaxing Saturday Lunch with Friends and Family Saturday lunch with family is happy time. We eat together, talk, and laugh. It’s a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. I feel loved and cared for when I’m with my family. Saturday lunch is a special time that I cherish. BAHARIYA RICE Pudina […]

Banana Leaf Lunch #shorts

Eating on a banana leaf brings joy. The leaf’s touch, a reminder of nature’s embrace. Rustic, earthy, and green, it adds flavor to the meal—a connection to tradition and simplicity. #shortsvideo #lunch #bananaleaf #lunchtime #birthdaylunch Sardine Fish Fry Mutton Gravy Mutton Pepper Fry Laddu Elachi Banana Prawn Egg stir fried Squid Fry Liver Fry Spleen […]